Why we love this stuff ...

We think that creating eLearning should be an experience where you, the creator of eLearning, walk away happy, empowered, and ready to change the world for your learners with a fresh batch of new ideas and all the tools you need to make it happen.

Our approach ...

You may have heard of the "I do, we do, you do" modelling approach to training. It's a simple way to view our service offerings:
1. I do (Divers1fy): Project Management, Instructional Design, Development, and/or any part thereof.
2. We do (collaborative partnership): Consulting and Coaching for any/all of the above)
3. You do: 'Just in time' Coaching and Support, plus customised training and/or resources for your staff.

An example walkthrough ...

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Designed to show what all key functionality will look like by the end of Stage 3.

'Stage 1'

It's up to you, but for Stage 1, most people opt for a simple, 'flat-pack' version of the content with basic navigation.
End Result:
A releasable product that could probably do with a bit of 'zing'.

'Stage 2'

What would you like to add? Most people go with audio, some interactives, and improved media viewing (eg. 'popups' and 'lightboxes').
End Result:
A releasable product that could do with a little Learning eXperience attention.

'Stage 3'

It's up to you again... you could add more elements like in Stage 2, but most people choose to focus on key Learning eXperience elements.
End Result:
A releasable product that reflects all the functionality and quality of the Proof of Concept.

'Wish List'

This is a 'catch-all'. As you progress, you might come up with some great ideas that may or may not be worth producing. They're all documented, and put into the Wish List. When you get to the end of Stage 3, you make a decision about whether you need additional stages, based on the value they will provide to your organisation, the learning experience, or whatever you think is important!

What is this 'Learning eXperience' you speak of?

Click the example above to learn a little more...

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Giving back ...

We work closely with Learning Makers to provide NGO-specific eLearning expertise. In complex environments that struggle with cultural differences, language barriers, and numerous technical hurdles, delivering quality eLearning can be challenging. Both Divers1fy and Learning Makers have experience, knowledge and skills in the International NGO eLearning sector that can be very helpful in reducing risk to projects in this arena. Feel free to touch base with us and have a chat about your specific needs/concerns.

Data In Schools was an initiative started by Tim Danes, and is a test-score tracking tool that allows students to collect their test data and create goals around it. Here is the link for the spreadsheet: My Individual Data Plan (MIDPLAN).

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